Must-Have Equipment for an EKG/ECG Test

Having the ability to perform an EKG/ECG test in a physician's office not only allows them to bill for the procedure, but it also prevents a loss of time in the diagnostic shuffle of referrals, reading and reporting results. Once you decide to perform in-house EKG's, what equipment do you need to get the job done?

1. An EKG machine

You are probably thinking to yourself, "No kidding, I know I need an EKG machine to perform an EKG." Fortunately, there is more to it than simply picking up an EKG/ECG machine at your medical supply store. You must decide whether you are going to purchase a new machine or a certified refurbished model. You must also decide whether you are planning on doing resting EKG or stress tests, what size machine you can effectively use in the space you have, and how often you plan on performing EKG testing. Each of these factors will come into play when deciding which machine to purchase.
venni 3 channel digital ekg Here's an example of a new EKG - the Venni 3-Channel Digital EKG.
While some may balk at the idea of purchasing a refurbished EKG machine, others see the significant cost savings as a way of providing in-house testing that they would otherwise be unable to offer. Refurbished models are generally less than one year old and have been part of a hospital or clinic's equipment leasing program. Once received at the refurbishment facility, the machines are thoroughly inspected and tested for efficacy. All disposable parts are replaced, the unit is calibrated and then resold at significant savings, ready to use right away. One Beat Medical refurbishes EKG machines in-house and offers optional one-year warranties for parts and labor should the machine break or malfunction during that time.

2. Leads & Electrodes

For the machine to read the electrical signals in the heart, it must have a way of connecting to the body. In the case of EKG, this is done through several electrodes placed at specific parts of the body, then connected to leads which connect to the machine. Self-adhesive, disposable electrodes are popular for their fast placement and easy use. Pediatric, as well as adult sizes, are available in varying quantities. Leads are the cables which attach the electrodes to the machine itself. Available in 3-lead, 5-lead and 10-lead sizes, the number of leads necessary for an accurate EKG depends on the machine you purchase as well as the patient you are evaluating. Neonatal patients only require a 3-lead EKG while 12-lead is the standard for adults.
mortara eli 250 ekg machine refurbished An example of a refurbished EKG - the Mortara ELI-250 EKG Machine

3. Paper, Carts & Accessories

(Oh my!) In addition to the basic mechanical equipment required to perform an EKG, it is important to consider purchasing other items that make testing easier. Most physician offices or clinics have limited space to keep an EKG machine on a desk in a singular room, hence the need for a rolling EKG cart. Many EKGs with the print feature for patient charts require a supply of paper. Should you decide to offer stress tests, treadmills and other accessories are required. One Beat Medical is your one-stop location for all of your EKG needs. From new ECG/EKGs and refurbished ECG/EKG machines to stress test packages and accessories, One Beat Medical has it all. Contact us today!