Office CPR Training: Why It's Essential for Your Workplace

About 475,000 Americans die from a cardiac arrest each year. Of these, 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital. Unfortunately, about 90% of these people die because they're unable to find the immediate help they need.

With proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, or CPR, we can cut that number down.

In fact, office CPR training can double or triple a person's chance of survival. Workplace accidents that cause cardiac arrest happen, but they don't have to prove fatal.

Here are six benefits of offering CPR office training to your team. Once you recognize why this training is so essential, you can make sure your staff gets the training they need.

1. Reduces Recovery Time

During cardiac arrest, a person's heart stops beating. This keeps the blood from pumping throughout the rest of the body, including the lungs and brains. As a result, death can occur within minutes without proper treatment.

By administering office CPR, you can use compressions to mimic how the heart pumps blood throughout the body.

When the body is left without blood for too long, it can cause serious health complications. Immediate CPR can help reduce how much of an impact the cardiac arrest has on the patient. The longer they go without help, the bigger the toll on the body.

With office CPR training, you can offer help within those crucial minutes. This won't just save their life, but keep the patient from suffering.

Even if someone makes it to the hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest, they'll need time to recover.

Administering CPR can reduce the amount of recovery time they need, though. This can cut back on their medical bills and get the employee back to work sooner. Minimizing damage to the patient's heart by administering immediate CPR can also minimize the change a cardiac arrest will occur again, too.

2. Reduces Accidents

Office CPR training will teach your employees the proper technique for administering CPR. This training can also help them recognize how to avoid potential accidents in the workplace.

During in-office CPR training, your employees will learn about the types of accidents that will require CPR. They'll also learn about the potential lifestyle choices that could lead to a cardiac arrest. Recognizing these risk factors can help your employees avoid such situations.

CPR training will inform your employees how a cardiac arrest can impact the human body.

This knowledge will teach them how to make an effort to avoid a potential accident or cardiac arrest. Reducing the number of in-office accidents can help you maintain a full team, thereby increasing productivity. It can also protect a company from accident liability, too.

3. Save a Life

Perhaps the biggest benefit, office CPR can help you and your employees save a life. Remember, a cardiac arrest can lead to death within minutes. If an employee experiences cardiac arrest, how their co-workers respond within those initial seconds could save their life.

CPR will keep blood pumping through the body. Since our major organs need blood and oxygen, this blood flow is crucial. Otherwise, the organs will start to shut down, leading to death.

Administering CPR can give medical professionals the time to arrive at the office.

Having an employee die in the office, however, can hurt morale. Your other employees might blame themselves upon realizing they could have done something to make a difference. Offering CPR training at your workplace can ensure your employees avoid this disappointment.

Instead, they'll have the proper training at hand to step in and help when an emergency happens.

4. It's a Helpful Skill

CPR training is the type of skill your employees can use anywhere.

The techniques they learn from a certified CPR instructor can help them save someone's life in and out of the office. They can also learn a little more about the human body and long-term methods for staying health.

In addition to helping your team feel proud after learning such an important skill, this can also ensure your staff remains happy and healthy.

5. Peace of Mind

We think about the potential health risks or possible accidents that could occur all the time. In some cases, these risks can keep employees from doing their work properly. As a result, you might notice a stall in productivity.

Offering your employees a safe place to work can contribute to their peace of mind.

To create that safe environment, consider offering CPR training at your workplace.

Your team will have the peace of mind knowing they're working among employees who have CPR training. If an accident happens, your employees will know their fellow co-workers can step in to help.

This will provide everyone with a self of relief. They'll know a co-worker is there to offer CPR if they experience a cardiac arrest. As a result, your team will focus on their work instead of on their worries.

6. Show Employees the Company Cares

There are many ways employers and companies show employees they care about their staff. Offering office CPR training is one unique way to show employees you care about them and their wellbeing.

Consider adding CPR training as a part of your company's safety culture. If you already have a health program, CPR training is a great supplement to boost your staff's wellbeing.

People are also more motivated to work for a company that cares. When they're more motivated, employees are bound to work harder.

Offering CPR training also acts as a long-term investment.

You're investing in your employees, including their safety, wellbeing, and peace of mind. Your employees are assets to your company. When you prioritize their wellbeing, your employees will take notice.

By offering in-office CPR training, you're investing in your employees for the long-run.

Breathe In the Benefits of Office CPR Training

Did this list get your heart pumping? Good!

With these benefits of offering office CPR training, you can maintain a happy and healthy office team.

By investing in your team's health, you're also boosting productivity and creating a safer work environment for everyone! Looking for more ways to create a safe work environment? Learn about One Beat's training options or contact us for more information on how you can get your office CPR certified.