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See One Beat Medical CEO Lawrence Franchetti’s Op-Ed on Worker Benefits

August 09, 2023

On any given workday, it’s normal to spot our CEO Lawrence Franchetti wandering around the building, doing things that few CEOs do. You might see him in the breakroom, asking workers what they’re excited to do next weekend—or he might be in the warehouse, playing basketball with those workers’ kids.

In his new op-ed for international business outlet Economy Standard, Lawrence suggests that a similar hands-on approach could benefit other companies too. The core of his argument is simple: workers know what benefits would improve their lives the most, and companies should listen to them.

One of the examples Lawrence used to illustrate his theory is One Beat’s child-friendly workplace policy. Since so many parents work here, it just made sense to open the office to kids. After all, what sounds like more of a perk—the occasional slice of pizza on Fridays, or not having to worry about finding childcare at a moment’s notice?

As Lawrence explains in the op-ed, communication and thoughtfulness are the keys to One Beat’s workplace incentives. Instead of guessing what people want, Lawrence believes in asking them directly. And when people’s voices are not only heard but respected, they share some pretty great ideas—which is the key to a healthy company culture.

But don’t take our word for it, read the full article and see for yourself!