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Soccer Player Saved by AED on the Pitch

October 19, 2023

If you follow us on LinkedIn, you might’ve noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about sports lately. It’s not just because the World Series is nigh, the NFL season is heating up, and the NBA is about to tip off—it’s because several star athletes’ recent scares have shown just how important it is to have the right safety equipment on hand.

Sports are a big part of our culture here at One Beat. Many of us are athletes or ex-athletes, and many of us are also parents to forwards and halfbacks of our own. So when we heard about the story of Dane Jorgensen in Massachusetts, it hit home for us.

Don’t worry, it has a happy ending:

During a routine match on a September morning between two Massachusetts Adult State Soccer (MASS) teams, a player suddenly collapsed only twenty minutes into the game. The man, unresponsive, had fallen victim to sudden cardiac arrest.

Thankfully, both teams had an AED on hand. Dane Jorgensen, an off-duty firefighter attending the game, immediately sprang into action, calling 911 then grabbing the team’s AED. The AED was quickly deployed and delivered a lifesaving shock.

heartsine outdoor AED

This amazing rescue was not the result of luck or coincidence but rather dedicated emergency preparation. Over 14 years ago a MASS soccer player collapsed on the field and died. That event led MASS soccer to adopt AEDs and implement CPR training for all teams. Since then, two players have been saved by AEDs on the pitch. An incredible illustration of the importance of public access AEDs and investment into emergency preparedness.

Read the full story on the MASS Soccer website

After the most recent rescue on September 17, the Operations Manager at MASS Soccer offered the following:

“We have been so impressed with the level of service from our One Beat representative, Basil. Mass Soccer purchased 2 units for our state association but have assisted our teams in putting another 14 units on our soccer sidelines in the last year. In fact, one of the units purchased by a team was used to save a life on September 17th and the story was featured on CBS news.
Having an AED accessible in the first minute of a heart attack greatly increases the chances of a positive outcome. This is the second occasion that a One Beat AED was used on the pitch and saved a player’s life. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have this lifesaving technology available and how helpful One Beat is in supplying a quality product and backing it with excellent service.”

That’s the kind of feedback that gets us out of bed in the morning. Quite literally, there’s nothing like saving a life. We’ve loved working with MASS Soccer for a long time—and it really doesn’t get better than knowing we helped them when they needed it most.

Every time a new AED gets installed at a soccer field, or a basketball arena, or a hockey rink, we breathe a little sigh of relief. Hopefully, it’ll never need to be used. But when the unexpected strikes, being prepared makes all the difference.

And if you’re in a position to care for athletes—whether as a coach, administrator, or parent—we hope you’re inspired to make sure they’re protected too. If you’re interested in learning about AEDs for your team or league, please get in touch. It could be the most impactful email (or phone call) of your day.