AED Management

Check My AED, the Online Management Program by One Beat, is a web-based application which can be easily accessed on your computer or handheld device.

aed sub distribution with one beat



Manage AEDs assigned to a particular user

Transfer AEDs from one user to another

Manage AED inspectiono intervals (i.e. every 30, 90, ... days)

Manage sub users subscriptions as well as allowed AEDs

Get Reports & Notifications

Receive notifications before certifications expire

Receive inspection notifications

Receive expiring item notifications before they expire

Access AED inspection logs

Report events

Access events log

View summary of all AEDs and sub users in your dashboard

Manage Users & AEDs

Manage multiple user accounts

Manage user levels

Manage user notifications

Manage user certifications

Manage multiple AEDs from different manufacturers

Inspect AEDs online

Inspect multiple AEDs in a single form