National Student Athlete Day

Did you know sudden cardiac arrest is the #1 killer of student athletes in the U.S.? In honor of national student athlete day we're sharing emergency preparedness knowledge to help increase survival rates. Plus read to find out how you can win a free AED.

Free aed giveaway

April 6th is national student athlete day, and we want to help protect student athletes everywhere by increasing lifesaving knowledge. Most people are unaware that sudden cardiac arrest is the leading killer of student athletes in the United States. Athletes are normally thought to have healthy hearts, but many can have undiagnosed congenital heart conditions that increase their risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Heart screenings can help indicate if a child has an underlying heart condition, but it is also important to always have an emergency plan.

How will you know if a student athlete is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest? How will you respond to the emergency? Preparation is the key to avoiding tragedy. During a sudden cardiac arrest, a child will lose consciousness, stop breathing, become unresponsive and possibly experience seizure-like movement. Without treatment they will die from lack of blood flow. What should you do in this situation?

 Call 911, immediately begin CPR and use an automated external defibrillator (AED)

Initiating CPR can prevent death by keeping blood flowing throughout the body, while the AED offers an electrical shock to return the heart to its normal rhythm. Every athletic program should have a response plan in case of emergency, having adults with CPR training as well as an AED onsite are the best ways to help increase student athlete cardiac arrest survival rates.

We at One Beat want to increase survival rates by making CPR training and AEDs as publicly accessible as possible. We’ve given away many new AEDs completely free to all types of organizations, most recently the Rick and Rita Case Boys & Girls Club of Davie, Florida (as pictured above). Once again, we want to give someone access to an AED for free. Anyone can enter to win a brand new HeartSine 350p for their organization, business, community, etc. just follow this link to register!