defibtech lifeline arm xr acc device

Defibtech Lifeline ARM XR Automated Chest Compression System

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What's Included

  • New Defibtech Lifeline ARM XR Automated Chest Compression System
  • Compression Module
  • Battery Pack
  • Backpack Carry Case
  • Suction Cup
  • Stabilization Strap
  • Wrist Straps - 1 set of 2
  • Power Module Charger
  • Backboard
  • Frame

Product Description

The ARM XR is an automated chest compression (ACC) device that performs high-level compressions for extended periods of time, allowing caregivers to perform other life-saving emergency duties. For better emergency patient care, EMS teams and hospitals turn to the Defibtech Lifeline ARM XR ACC.

Product Features

The newest addition to the Defibtech product family is the ARM XR automated chest compression (ACC) device designed for professional rescuers. ARM XR ACC helps emergency personnel deliver continuous, high-quality CPR for patients in cardiac arrest. Easy to deploy and use, ARM XR allows first responders to transition from manual to mechanical CPR in seconds, and maintain continuous compressions over long durations. Count on ARM XR to deliver consistent, high-quality CPR from the rig to the hospital.

With ARM XR, EMS teams can:

  • Provide high-quality CPR with appropriate compressions per minute, depth of compressions and active chest recoil
  • Run a cardiac arrest code with smaller teams and reduced fatigue/stress
  • Treat large and small patients with automated compression depth adjustment
  • Extend budgets with our cost-effective, rugged mechanical CPR system


Active Chest Recoil – Our suction cup piston design generates consistent compression depth in and out of the hospital setting.

  • Consistent resuscitation compressions
  • Up to 0.6 in (1.5 cm) of recoil for
    chest wall expansion

Integrated Frame & Backboard – The integrated backboard and lightweight frame design of the ARM XR allow for consistent compressions on scene and it secures patient arms and device during transport to hospital or cath lab. The frame design also allows you to accommodate a larger patient.

  • Faster, smoother patient application
  • Easy snap and release functionality
  • Portability
  • Speedy deployment


33% Longer Battery Life – Unmatched battery life provides uninterrupted compressions for 60 minutes–33% more than competitive devices.

  • Runs on battery or AC power
  • External AC adapter power module/charger provides external power to run the ARM XR
  • Charges the installed battery pack


Treat Large Patients

  • With ARM XR, you can treat large and small patients as the device automatically adjusts compression depth.
  • Adult Patients that fit in the ACC:
    Chest Width – 17.5 In (44.4 cm) maximum
    Chest Height – 7.4 to 12.7 In (18.8 to 32.3 cm)
  • Use of the ARM XR ACC is not restricted by patient weight
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Key Specifications


Product Size25" x 20" x 9"

Weight16.4 lbs

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