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Refurbished Philips HeartStart FRx AED Rescue Ready

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What's Included

  • Recertified Philips FRx AED Unit
  • 3 Year Warranty On AED Unit
  • 1 Battery - 4 Year Warranty
  • 1 Set of SMART PADs II Electrodes - 2 Year Shelf Life
  • User Manual
  • Quick Rescue Reference Guide
  • Owner's Manual
  • AED Carry Case
  • FREE Inspection / Maintenance Tag Details
  • FREE AED “Equipped Facility” Decal / Sticker
  • FREE Shipping

Product Description

Help when it's needed, wherever it's needed. The Philips HeartStart FRx was designed to meet the needs of both lay rescuers and medical professionals. With the highest AED durability rating, a fast time-to-shock, and quality CPR coaching, the FRx is built to work in any environment. A nationwide favorite, the FRx is popular in elementary schools, airports, and fire departments thanks to its ruggedness, reliability, and ease of use.

Product Features

The Philips HeartStart FRx has become a trusted device among first responders. It is one of the most common AED units used by those who need their defibrillator to perform reliably on-the-go.

  • SMART Biphasic Technology – The FRx delivers a highly-effective defibrillation shock that is safe to the heart. This biphasic waveform is designed to return the heart to its normal rhythm while avoiding potential damage or side effects. The FRx uses Philip’s proven heart rhythm assessment technology in order to make sure that a shock is only delivered when needed.
  • Portable and Durable – Weighing in at only 3.5lbs and boasting an IP rating of 56, the FRx combines portability with durability. The FRx is protected against dust/dirt, harsh temperatures, wet conditions, and tough falls.
  • SMART PADS II – The FRx SMART PADs II are pre-connected and can be used on both adult and infant patients with the use of the infant key. This means you don’t need both adult and pediatric electrodes when you purchase the FRx.
  • EMS Handoff – The HeartStart adapters allow PADs to be plugged into more robust devices once EMS services arrive, allowing for continuity of care throughout the lifesaving process.
  • 8 Seconds To Shock – The HeartStart FRx’s quick shock feature allows a shock to typically be delivered just 8 seconds after CPR. This decreases the pause between CPR compressions and provides faster shock therapy, giving the victims the best chance at survival.

The Philips HeartStart FRx is simple to own and simple to use.

  • Easier Maintenance – The OnSite’s “i” button will tell you exactly what maintenance is required if issues are detected during daily self-tests.
  • Less Replacements – The FRx comes with a long-lasting 4 year battery and only requires one set of PADs.
  • Self-Tests – The FRx performs a variety of daily self-tests, checking the functionality of its electrodes, battery, internal circuitry, and more so you can be sure your AED is always prepared. A blinking green Ready light on the device lets you know that your AED has passed all of its self-tests. If the device detects something is wrong, the green light will turn off and the AED will beep.
  • Convenient For Training – The Philips HeartStart FRx is one of the only devices available that can double as an AED trainer. By simply inserting an FRx training PADs, your device can be used as a non-shocking training unit. Those looking to use this feature should always keep a spare battery in order to avoid draining their device’s battery during training sessions.
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Key Specifications


Warranty3 Years

Shock DeliverySemi-Automatic

Dimensions7.1" x 2.4" x 8.8"

Height7.1 in

Width8.8 in

Depth2.4 in

Weight3.5 lb