Refurbished ZOLL AED 3 Wi-Fi Connected Defibrillator

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MPN: ASMR-Z3-PRM (8511-001101-01)

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What's Included

  • Refurbished ZOLL AED 3 Defibrillator
  • 3 Year Warranty On AED Unit
  • 1 Set of CPR Uni-PADz (5 Year Shelf Life)
  • 1 Lithium Battery (5 Year Life)
  • FREE Inspection / Maintenance Tag
  • FREE AED “Equipped Facility” Decal / Sticker
  • FREE Shipping

Product Description

Emergencies happen when we least expect them, oftentimes in public spaces. Be sure that your school, office, park, restaurant, or event venue is prepared with the ZOLL AED 3. This unit enables anyone to perform quality CPR on a cardiac arrest victim – including those without CPR or AED training. This AED is designed specifically to help anyone take life-saving action and deliver high-quality CPR. This unit offers revolutionary technology that makes rapid response defibrillation more accessible to the public than ever before. The ZOLL AED 3 features a pediatric rescue button, and pads and batteries that last 5 years. The ZOLL AED 3 normally retails for around $2,000, but by shopping refurbished, you instantly save over $400 for the same device!

Product Features

Innovating The AED Industry

  • Live CPR Gauge – A full-color bar gauge displays real-time feedback on CPR compression depth, showing you the proper depth for each compression. A CPR cycle countdown timer, shock count, and total elapsed time allow rescuers to keep track of helpful information throughout the rescue process.
  • 3″ Touch-Screen Full-Color Display – Each step of the rescue process is illustrated in clear full-color images so rescuers will know exactly what to do, with or without formal CPR training. Plus, the ZOLL AED 3 also features verbal rescue coaching in addition to its LCD display.
  • Pediatric Rescue Button – Instantly change the shock and CPR protocols to pediatric mode so there’s no need for a separate set of pediatric pads – saving precious time during rescue.
  • 8 Seconds To Shock – Faster treatment and continuous CPR means better chances of survival.

Easiest AED To Own

  • Convenient Accessories – Both the battery and electrode pads only need to be replaced every 5 years. The CPR-Uni PADz electrodes work on both adult and pediatric patients.
  • Smart Battery – The battery level is shown on the LCD screen so you can easily keep track of your device’s power.
  • Touch Screen Display – Access information or enable configurations quickly and easily using the ZOLL AED 3’s touch screen display.
  • Rugged Design – With an IP rating of 55, your ZOLL AED 3 is protected from water, dust, and dirt – and can withstand up to a 1 meter drop.

Effortless Emergency Response

  • Real-Time CPR Help – In addition to the rescue images displayed on the LCD, the ZOLL AED 3 tells you verbally to “push harder” or encourages you (“good compressions”) to guide you to the optimal CPR compression rate and depth.
  • Accessible – With a simple exterior, easy-to-use interface, and comprehensive rescue guidance, anyone can use the ZOLL AED 3 to perform critical life-saving CPR.
  • Mobile – A built-in carry-handle makes for easier emergency transport.
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Key Specifications


Warranty3 Years

Height5.0 in

Width9.3 in

Depth9.7 in

Weight5.5 lb