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Emergency Ready Hub – First Aid & AED Cabinet

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What's Included

  • Storage Cabinet
  • Fully Stocked First Aid Kit
  • Fully Stocked Bleeding Control Kit
  • Lifevac Choking Rescue Device
  • Hero Fire Spray
  • Flashlight

Product Description

Available For Preorder. Our newest & most comprehensive AED wall cabinet. Purchase includes cabinet, Lifevac adult & child choking rescue device, first aid kit, bleeding control kit, Hero fire spray, and flashlight. Order does not include AED unit.

Product Features

Emergency Ready Hub – a convenient, fully-loaded rescue station. From sudden cardiac arrest and bleeding emergencies, to critical choking and fire scenarios, the Emergency Ready Hub has you covered. Cabinet purchase includes all rescue items listed (AED sold separately).

First Aid Kit – treat everything from minor cuts and scrapes to deep cuts. This first aid kit includes a spinning tourniquet, an Israeli bandage, scissors, an emergency CPR mask, metal tweezers, a wrinkle bandage, a triangle bandage, a fixed splint, an emergency blanket, two disinfectant wipes, six alcohol pads, six rolls of medical tape, and ten safety pins.

Bleeding Control Kit – durable military-grade nylon soft case with color-coded rescue supplies for life-threatening trauma emergencies. This bleeding control kit includes a red storage pouch, orange SWAT-T tourniquet, compressed krinkle standard fold gauze, emergency mylar blanket, combat medic tape, powder free nitrile gloves, 5.5″ black trauma shears, and a permanent marker.

Lifevac Suction Device – portable, easy-to-use airway clearance device designed to save both adults and children during choking emergencies. One-way valve that safely and effectively removes obstructing objects from the victims’ airways.

Hero Fire Spray – this quick, easy-to-use spray can help you quickly extinguish small fire accidents before they turn into large disasters.

Flashlight – high-intensity led flashlight featuring variable focus and rugged casing.

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