tuttnauer autoclave sterilizer ez10

Tuttnauer EZ10 Fully-Automatic Autoclave Steam Sterilizer with Printer

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What's Included

  • New Tuttnauer EZ10 Sterilizer
  • 2 Year Warranty - Parts and Labor
  • Warranty Card
  • Chamber Brite Sample
  • 4 Trays
  • Power Cord
  • Operator's Manual
  • $250 Flat Rate Shipping

Product Description

Effortlessly sterilize your medical equipment with the Tuttnauer EZ10 Autoclave Sterilizer. Automatically fill, sterilize, exhaust, and dry your instruments with the EZ10 – one of the most versatile and complete autoclave solutions on the market. A spacious chamber, automatic sterilization cycles, HEPA filtered air, and an internal printer make equipment sterilization effortless.

Product Features

The Tuttnauer EZ10 provides your institution with high-quality, high-capacity sterilization.

  • High Capacity – The 10″ x 19″ chamber fits 4 trays or 3 full + 3 half standard cassettes, giving you plenty of space for efficient sterilization cycles.
  • One-Touch Activation – At the touch of a button, the EZ10 fills, sterilizes, exhausts, and dries your medical instruments.
  • Customizable – Customize and store program parameters for sterilization tailored exactly to your facility’s needs.
  • Bright Easy-To-Read Panel – Panel includes sections for program selection, a detailed digital display, programmable keys, and intuitive system indicators.
  • Internal Printer – Receive comprehensive documentation of the date, time, temperature, and pressure during your sterilization program, plus receive system messages and alerts.
  • Easily Accessible Drain Valve – The EZ10’s drain valve is located on the front, allowing for quick and easy draining of water reservoir.
  • Intuitive Alerts – If a cycle is interrupted, the EZ10 will alert you using audio and visual cues.
  • Optimized Cleaning Program – The EZ10 includes pre-loaded cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped packs, glassware, and additional drying cycles.
  • Standard Unwrapping Cycle – Hot Start: 14 min, Cold Start: 30 min. Cycles are approximate and may vary depending on instrument loads.

The EZ10 is equipped with safety measures and locking features for optimal sterilization performance.

  • Closed Door Sterilization – The Tuttnauer EZ10 Autoclave Sterilizer’s closed door, active drying system maintains sterility and ensures efficient drying of packs and pouches.
  • Air Pump – A high-efficiency air pump circulates HEPA filtered air in the chamber during drying cycles. Air is filtered through a 0.2µm HEPA filter.
  • Additional Features – The EZ10’s low water sensor prevents activation of sterilization cycle when there is insufficient water in the chamber. The EZ10 also constantly monitors the temperature and pressure for sterilization.
  • Trust in Tuttnauer – Tuttnauer products have been trusted in hospitals, universities, clinics, and labs all over the world for over 90 years.
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Key Specifications


Warranty2 Years

Product StatusSpecial Order



Dimensions21.5" x 20in x 14.4in

Chamber Volume6 Gallon

Tray Capacity4 Trays


Weight95 lb